An Integrated Approach

Animated by an integrated approach, GES offers consulting services and software tools that support its clients in establishing their strategic plans and in managing their assets.


    MAINT is a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) built on 3 major sections, MAINTENANCE, STOCK,PURCHASING.

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    PROPRE (Prerequisites Regarding Organizations Properly Rationalizing their Existing Housekeeping Services) is a computerized housekeeping management system.

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    SARRA (System for Asset Renewal and Resource Allocation), the culmination of over ten years of research and development in life cycle costing and strategic planning, is an innovative asset management software which forecasts maintenance and capital renewal costs for a period of up to 25 years.

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    Servox is composed of two main modules. TAO module is designed to increase efficiency and facilitate the management of message centers to better meet the needs of staff. Brancarderie module centralizes and Disinfection entry applications and optimize their distribution.

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